close ups of a peacock feather


Archaeological Site of Eretria/ House of Mosaics:

Mosaics from the House of Mosaics. (Hellenistic)

I would have liked to have taken some better pictures, but works in the site are still in progress so it can become a unified tourable archaeological site- there is also a stadium, a theater and several residences. The House of Mosaics is actually housed inside a small building which cannot be visited, and I had to take a picture from behind a glass door.

Still you can see that it is a mosaic in the macedonian style, with the designs rendered in colourful pebbles. There are several floral motifs, scenes with lions, griffins and sphinxes, as well as an armed nereid on a seahorse.

*It might look as if I used my camera’s flash, but I didn’t- I just brightened it a bit in photoshop. Never use flash while photographing antiquities. All museums and sites ban flash photography.


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